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 Journal   updated on Thursday 7th August

Sorry for the delays in posting - my internet was down for 2 1/2 weeks. As an internet provider BT (British Telecom) are great until things go wrong. Then you land up repeatedly phoning the call centre in India ,whose staff are utterly bloody hopeless. After 18 days of this a local engineer arrived, who actually understood the problem, and fixed things  by flicking a switch at the local exchange! 18 days for that...


Stop Press: Well done to Hugh Wilson, raising over £1,300 at Claymore 2014 for the not-for-profit charity Combat Stress.

See his note about it in the Edinburgh page (below)

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As well as writing history books for a living I also wargame with historical miniatures. Yup, thatís little toy soldiers to you!

I play regularly at the wargames club in Edinburgh, but I also spend a lot of time up in Orkney, where there's a more informal wargaming group.

The Journal tells you what we get up to.

Wargame Clubs are dangerous places. You go along with good intentions, then someone talks you into gaming something new. Before you know it youíve got more lead than you know what to do with, and an unpainted lead mountain larger than Mount Rushmore! Let me invite you to tour my lead stash, and who knows .. You might be talked into something new as well!

I keep a regular Journal , and it usually gets updated every week. I've also added other pages about the historical periods I game, the armies and rules systems we use, and some other quirky stuff a related to this strange but enthralling hobby. Please, join me on a tour of my miniature world...

Angus Konstam


             Remember to visit the Journal each week, to see what we get up to!

  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at: anguskonstam@aol.com


  Latest additions outside the Journal Pages:

Napoleonic French and Russian Army pages added

Links page updated

Seven Years War  Prussian and Russian Army pages updated


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